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Allies and Enemies - Fallen

Fight. Survive. Repeat.

The rules of a soldier are simple.

Born into service of the Regime, Commander Sela Tyron is about as subtle as a hammer. To hammers, any problem can look like a nail, but things aren't always that easy. When Sela is abandoned with her team on a planet full of insurrectionists, things get complicated.

A daredevil rescue by her commanding officer reaps deadly consequences, forcing Sela to choose between the only life she’s ever known and the fate of the man she's duty-bound to protect.

Her whole life was a lie. And that's the good news.

Shirking a life of privilege, Erelah Veradin dreamt of building spaceships to explore the stars in the service of the Regime. Yet a monstrous truth about her true heritage is revealed, placing Erelah at the center of a scheming mastermind's bid for power.

If you love gritty, epic space opera like The Expanse or Firefly, this premier title in the Allies and Enemies series launches you on the ride of a lifetime. Voted Dragon Award Finalist for Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel by Dragon Con and a Kindle Book Award Finalist.

Suit up. Time to join the fight.

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